"Ambiente" comfort bed

Adjustable comfort bed for hotels
or discerning private users

Increased comfort for homes and hotels alike

Electrically-adjustable comfort bed with individual design

The "Ambiente" comfort bed as double

…or single bed – for flexible use

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The "Ambiente" comfort bed combines sophisticated technology with the home-like character of high-quality upholstered beds.

This multi-talented model is based on the technology found in Malsch premium care beds, tens of thousands of which are in use worldwide and exposed to maximum stress and strain on a daily basis. These high quality requirements formed the basis of the comfort series' design.

A customised hand controller permits the comfort bed's reclining surface to be adjusted to the desired position quickly and easily. The armchair position transforms the "Ambiente" into a TV recliner at the touch of a button.

"Ambiente" can be used as a double or single bed. The reclining surfaces can be adjusted separately in either configuration - ideal for optimum adaptation to personal preferences and requirements.


Key Facts

  • Can be used as a single and double bed
  • Comfort mounting height of 37 cm
  • Armchair position – ideal for relaxing reading or watching television when upright
  • Four-part reclining surface with comfort spring elements and back rest retraction for optimum reclining comfort
  • Intuitively operable customised hand controller for fast access to the bed's comprehensive range of functions
  • Bed exit light with motion sensor activates automatically and shows you the way
  • Electrical fold-out transport castors simplify bed relocation


Adjustment functions:

Verstellfunktionen Impulse 400

Comfort features on the "Ambiente"