Mobilising side rail system

Side rail and mobilisation aid in one –
for easy occupant mobilisation

Illustrated via the example of the Impulse 400 LR100 low care bed

Mobility support in the transfer position

With its 40/60 ratio (head/foot end), the innovative side rail concept offers the occupant ergonomic mounting and dismounting from the care bed from a reclining position. In the process, the component located at the head of the bed simultaneously serves as a mobility aid for the occupant. For extra support, the back rest can be moved in order to bring the occupant to an upright position. The sophisticated division means that no pushing or repositioning by the care staff is required.

Our Impulse 400 and Impulse 400 LR100 low care beds can be moved into an intermediate position via the transfer button, which constitutes an optimum dismounting height for the occupant.

  • All-round protection which successfully reduces the need for restraining measures
  • Modular use of two our four side rail components with flexible retrofitting option
  • Extreme stability at each side rail height


  • Anatomically adjusted side rail/reclining surface combination
  • Optimum mounting and dismounting at seating height possible thanks to the transfer button on the hand controller (Impulse 400/LR100)
  • Side rail component aligned at the head of the bed
  • Mobility-promoting side rail position

Transferposition mit Mobilisierungshilfe am Malsch Pflegebett