Innovative drive concept

Low-voltage drive system with just one connector plug
for all components and clear operation

The low-voltage system results in increased safety for occupants and care staff. To ensure that unexpected bed inclinations do not result in damage and injury, the beds in the Impulse series are equipped with a collision protection function which only permits vertical adjustments to be made from the transfer position. Sufficient chassis clearance is also available in the event of the activated bed extension.

The safety hand controller combines hand controller and control box and facilitates the selective blocking of the adjustment functions at three levels. Here, a choice of care mode, blocking mode and occupant mode is provided.

Our cable concept includes just one connector plug on the bed itself.
The addition of other compatible components, such as bed lamp, floor lighting, etc., poses no problems.


  • Low-voltage system for increased safety for occupants and care staff
  • Collision protection in the event of bed inclination from the low position to prevent damage and injuries
  • Transfer button for optimum mounting and dismounting at seating height*
  • Hand controller with selective adjustment function blocking at three levels for individual safety
  • Simple cable concept to avoid cable clutter

* only available with the Impulse 400 (LR100)


  • Battery pack for bed operation without external power supply
  • Floor lighting with twilight sensor and motion detector
  • Reading lamp with no additional plug transformer