Four-stage positioning concept

Predefined positions for optimum occupant care

Illustrated via the example of the Impulse 400 low care bed

Low position*

A separate button on the hand controller allows our low care beds to be placed in a low position which offers the occupant optimum fall protection. This button can be deactivated via the blocking function as required.

Transfer position

Our low care beds (Impulse 400/LR100) are equipped with a pre-programmed transfer position accessible easily via the transfer button, which facilitates simple mounting and dismounting at seating height in conjunction with our mobilising side rail system. The transfer position constitutes the lowest reclining surface position in the case of all other beds.

Working height

The working height adjustment function guarantees pleasant, back-friendly work for care staff. During the care process, our side rail system with half-height side rail components provides occupants with additional protection while giving care staff easy access.

Comfort sitting position

This position ensures that the occupant can sit upright comfortably, and is ideal for watching television, care activities or communicating. Spatial orientation is improved, and breathing and circulation are influenced positively. The intelligent alignment process with back rest adjustment prevents the occupant from coming into contact with the headboard and simultaneously relieves pressure on the buttocks.


  • Four-part reclining surface with mattress compensation as recommended by the German Nurses Association (DBfK)
  • Ergonomic reclining surface division
  • Anti-pressure sore measures
  • Auto-contour adjustment of back rest and leg section for gentle raising of the occupant
  • Automatic comfort seating mechanism for raising to a sitting position
  • Four different reclining surfaces for all requirements

* only available with the Impulse 400 (LR100)/Melanie