Low care bed "AURA"

Low care bed for highest reqirements

red dot winner 2016 - Das MALSCH Pflegebett AURA

Sophisticated care with the new AURA care bed

for use in nursing homes or for exclusive private use

Exclusive low care bed AURA

AURA's brand new, innovative side rail system

the; -, auras <lat.> (special charisma)

The new low care bed from Malsch strikes the perfect balance between design and functionality. With a low position of just 25 cm, AURA is recommended as a fall prevention model. Its centrally braked, concealed castors offer optimum mobility without compromising the bed's home-like character. Malsch sets new standards in terms of safety and flexibility with the innovate, vertical side rail system of premium-quality aluminium.

The side rail's intentional external mounting meets the model's superior design standards, facilitating efficient, hygienic preparation and providing additional mounting options for accessories when lowered. The redesigned CPR release is easy to reach in all side rail positions as a result. The newly-developed, integrated bed extension ensures that the reclining surface can be expanded by up to 20 cm quickly and easily without compromising the appearance. No tools or additional protectors are required in the process.

AURA also convinces with its premium-quality materials and timeless design. Screw connections used for the AURA are deliberately concealed, allowing the bed's technical versatility to take a back seat to its aesthetic assets.

Product details

Reclining surface options

The four-part reclining surfaces with mattress compensation as recommended by the German Nurses Association (DBfK) offer optimum ergonomics and thus prevent the development of pressure sores. The auto-contour adjustment of back rest and leg section allows the occupant to be raised upwards gently, while the comfort sitting position is ideal for watching television or reading, in addition to having a positive effect on breathing and circulation.

Optimum reclining comfort

With its spring elements, the comfort reclining surface offers optimum reclining comfort as a result of the perfect alignment to the occupant's body.

  • Additional mattress support during body adaptation
  • Even weight distribution over the entire reclining surface
  • Relief for neck and back muscles
  • Active ventilation for healthy sleep

Comfort recling surface

Easy cleaning

The ABS reclining surface facilitates fast, easy cleaning and bed preparation. The sections ensure good mattress ventilation.

  • Rapid, easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Easy to remove/replace
  • Good ventilation for healthy sleep

ABS reclining surface

Side rail options

Four side rails surrounding the bed

Side rail aligned at the head of the bed

Integrated bed extension

Our exclusive AURA low care bed is equipped with an integrated bed extension as a basic feature. This permits the tool-free adjustment of the reclining surface in three fast, easy steps without compromising the appearance.

Transfer position
  • Anatomically adjusted side rail/reclining surface combination
  • Optimum mounting and dismounting at seating height possible thanks to the transfer button on the hand controller
  • Side rail component aligned at the head of the bed
  • Mobility-promoting side rail position
Comfort sitting position

The comfort sitting position ensures that the occupant can sit upright comfortably, and it is ideal for watching television, eating or communicating. Spatial orientation is improved, and breathing and circulation are influenced positively.

The intelligent alignment process with back rest adjustment prevents the occupant from coming into contact with the headboard and simultaneously relieves pressure on the buttocks.

Extension options

der Rückenlehne

Einleger für
integrierte Bettverlängerung


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Key Facts

Low position: 25 cm

Transfer position: 33 cm

Working height: 82 cm

Chassis: 50 mm rubberised double castor with covering and fixed axis feature

Safe working load: 225 kg

Reclining surface: 90 x 200 cm

External dimensions: 103 x 206 cm

Adjustment functions:

Verstellfunktionen Impulse 400



Zur Individualisierung unserer Bettserien Impulse und Ayleen können Sie aus verschiedenen Bettfronten und Dekoren wählen. Auf diese Weise haben Sie vollste Flexibiliät bei der Anpassung des Bettes an das gewünschte Raumkonzept.

Portfolio care beds and accessories – PDF-Download

Manual AURA – PDF-Download

Fields of application

  • Exclusive establishments such as retirement homes
  • Dementia patients in general
  • Fall-prone patients
    (nocturnal agitation, sleep disorders, etc.)
  • Delirium patients, e.g. in case of postoperative delirium
  • Patients with nocturnal orientation problems
  • Vulnerable patients who refuse bed rails
  • Patients with coordination difficulties, e.g. MS or Parkinson's disease


  • 25 cm low position
  • Four-part reclining surface with mattress compensation
  • Automatic comfort seating mechanism for raising
    to a sitting position
  • Extreme stability in every position
  • Integrated bed extension
  • Maximum safety in combination with bed exit system