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Care bed with hotel appeal


Home comforts harmonise with technical diversity

Impulse Ambiente care bed

Impulse Ambiente care bed with fabric cover (optional)

The Malsch Impulse Ambiente care bed combines comfort, homeliness and style while also offering the complete functional range of the proven Impulse care bed series. The raised side panels with solid wooden edges increase the bed's home-like ambience. The retractable castors create immediate mobility without impairing the visual appearance.

As with all the other beds in the series, absolute individuality in terms of the choice of finish and the head/foot board designs is the rule. In addition, our matching furniture range is the perfect solution for a consummate room design.

The Impulse Ambiente is ideally suited as a rehabilitation bed or for care at home.

Product details

Reclining surface options

The four-part reclining surfaces with mattress compensation as recommended by the German Nurses Association (DBfK) offer optimum ergonomics and thus prevent the development of pressure sores. The auto-contour adjustment of back rest and leg section allows the occupant to be raised upwards gently, while the comfort sitting position is ideal for watching television or reading, in addition to having a positive effect on breathing and circulation.

The Impulse care bed series can be equipped with the following reclining surfaces*:

Wooden slats

Metal lattice



*For restrictions, please see the Impulse series data sheet

Side rail options

split side rail

split side rail

Unilaterally split side rail

side rail

Integrated bed extension

The integrated bed extension offers maximum flexibility for the extension of the reclining surface by 10 cm without mattress insert and 20 cm with the said insert. There is no danger of collision even when the bed is fully extended.

The bed can be extended manually without tools via two locking bolts. The high-quality bearings guarantee maximum stability when the bed is extended.

In conjunction with our mobilising side rail system, we guarantee full compliance with the DIN EN 60601-2-52 standard, reducing restraining measures by foregoing additional protectors.

Comfort sitting position

The comfort sitting position ensures that the occupant can sit upright comfortably, and it is ideal for watching television, eating or communicating. Spatial orientation is improved, and breathing and circulation are influenced positively.

The intelligent alignment process with back rest adjustment prevents the occupant from coming into contact with the headboard and simultaneously relieves pressure on the buttocks.

Extension options

wall deflector

Horizontal and
vertical wall deflector

wall spacer

wall spacer

bed extension

reclining surface extension

Mattress wedge for
integr. bed extension

side rail

Side rail height extension
for full-length side rails

Side rail padding
for full-length side rail(1)
and split side rails(2)

Bed padding for
split side rails

grab handle

rolling handle

IV drip bracket
for trapeze bars

IV drip stand,
various designs

Urine bottle
and basket

"Halolux E"
bed lamp

"Halolux W"
bed lamp (LED)

"Halolux LED"
bed lamp

Floor lighting
with motion sensor

power supply

Bed linen holder
at the foot board

Bed tray for
full-length side rails

Battery box for
mobile operation

CPR-back rest

Bed transport trolley
for Impulse/Ayleen

Rescue blanket


Key Facts

Low position: 37 cm

Working height: 84 cm

Chassis: Stand with electronic castor positioning

Safe working load: 225 kg

Reclining surface: 90 x 200 cm

External dimensions: 100 x 206 cm

Adjustment functions:

Verstellfunktionen Impulse 400


Design options

Choose from a range of head/foot boards and finishes to make our Impulse and Ayleen bed series even more individual. This guarantees you maximum flexibility when adapting the bed to the desired room design.

Fields of application

  • Rehabilitation bed
  • Homecare
  • Residential and care bed
  • Electr. adjustable hotel bed


  • Four-part reclining surface with mattress compensation
  • Automatic comfort seating mechanism for raising to a sitting position
  • Extreme stability in every position
  • Integrated bed extension