Innovative drive concept

Ease of use and intuitive control of the clinical bed
by patients and care staff

The innovative low-voltage electric drive concept means that our clinical beds offer both patients and care staff an increased level of safety. The integrated collision protection function guarantees sufficient chassis clearance in the event of bed inclinations, even if the bed extension is activated.

The safety operating devices are perfectly coordinated and facilitate the deliberate restriction of the patient hand controller. The full range of functions is also offered in battery mode.

The manually removable head/foot boards in connection with the CPR function (electrical and manual) ensure that an immediate response capacity in an emergency is possible.

Our cable concept includes just one connector plug on the bed itself. Compatible components can be added at any time.


  • Low-voltage system for increased safety of patients and care staff
  • Battery mode as standard
  • Rapid, silent electromotive adjustment
  • Collision protection in the event of bed inclinations from low positions
  • Central or selective locking of individual functions on the patient hand controller possible via the care staff control console
  • Simple cable concept to avoid cable clutter

  • Optional: LED floor lighting with twilight sensor without additional electricity supply (possible on both sides)


  • Battery pack for bed operation without external power supply
  • Floor lighting with twilight sensor and motion detector
  • Reading lamp with no additional plug transformer