Impulse KL series – functions and safety

More safety for patient and care staff
thanks to intelligent functions on Malsch clinical beds

Safety for the patient –
relief for the carer

Daily nursing routines in clinics and hospitals are subject to a tight schedule. Thanks to powerful hoist motors and clear, comprehensible operating devices, Malsch clinical beds facilitate fast adjustment cycles with ease of operation. Concurrent adjustments via the operation of several buttons simultaneously saves additional time.

The first-error-safe patient hand controllers can be individually restricted via lock buttons on the care staff control console. Comprehensible symbols with direct allocation permit rapid access to the clinical bed's functions without complex operating sequences.

The shock position and automatic CPR function increase the speed of patient care in emergencies. Additional functions including the comfort sitting position guarantee added patient well-being.


  • Foot switch for height adjustment
  • Additional patient hand controller


  • Control console switches automatically to standby mode after just a few seconds
  • Customised locking of individual functions
  • First-error safety thanks to central locking of all hand controller functions via the control console
  • LED display for checking battery capacity
  • LED button illumination on the hand controller


  • Automatic comfort seating mechanism
  • Easy operation via direct button assignment
  • Time saving via the simultaneous adjustment of several functions
  • Accessible, flexible control console for easy handling


  • Individual reclining surface alignment in combination with bed inclination
  • Automatic CPR function
  • Automatic shock function