Fall prevention

Low clinical bed as an alternative to the use of restraints


Fall prevention in clinics and hospitals

Impulse 400 KL low clinical bed

Low positioning – 27 cm floor height

The Malsch low care bed Impulse 400 KL allows the reclining surface to be lowered to a floor height of just 27 cm. There is almost no risk of injury to patients in this position in the event of a fall. The Malsch clinical bed is equipped with a superior range of basic features during the manufacturing process, from an integrated bed extension to a mobilising side rail system and additional extras. The Impulse 400 KL model also features outstanding handling characteristics thanks to the 100 mm double castors, which are also equipped with a fixed direction and central brake.

The additional protection offered by the optional "Kognimat" sensor mattress ensures that care staff can be alerted by occupants via the nurse call system before they leave the bed, allowing carers to react in time. The wireless alarm is triggered by sensors inserted in the edge of the mattress as soon as the occupant attempts to leave the bed. This allows safeguarding with side rails to be dispensed with in many cases, with the result that the patient's freedom is not restricted.

Product details

Reclining surface options

The four-part reclining surfaces with mattress compensation as recommended by the German Nurses Association (DBfK) offer optimum ergonomics and thus prevent the development of pressure sores. The auto-contour adjustment of back rest and leg section allows the occupant to be raised upwards gently, while the comfort sitting position is ideal for watching television or reading, in addition to having a positive effect on breathing and circulation.

The Impulse KL clinical bed series can be equipped with the following reclining surfaces*

Metal lattice



*For restrictions, please see the Impulse KL series data sheet

Side rail options

Vertical side rails

  • 4 height positions for maximum flexibility
  • No space required at side; optimally suited for use in small rooms
  • Mobility-promoting side rail position
  • Robust aluminium design for max. stability
  • Flexible retrofit
Bed extension

The integrated bed extension offers maximum flexibility for the extension of the reclining surface by 10 cm without mattress insert and 20 cm with the said insert. There is no danger of collision even when the bed is fully extended.

The bed can be extended manually without tools via two locking bolts. The high-quality bearings guarantee maximum stability when the bed is extended.

In conjunction with our mobilising side rail system, we guarantee full compliance with the DIN EN 60601-2-52 standard, reducing restraining measures by foregoing additional protectors.

Transfer position
  • Anatomically adjusted side rail/reclining surface combination
  • Optimum mounting and dismounting at seating height possible thanks to the transfer button on the hand controller (Impulse 400 KL)
  • Side rail component aligned at the head of the bed
  • Mobility-promoting side rail position
Comfort sitting position

The comfort sitting position ensures that the patient can sit upright comfortably, and it is ideal for watching television, care activities or communicating. Spatial orientation is improved, and breathing and circulation are influenced positively.

The intelligent alignment process with back rest adjustment prevents the patient from coming into contact with the headboard and simultaneously relieves pressure on the buttocks.

Cleaning & disinfection

The sealed, homogeneous surfaces used for Malsch clinical beds permit time-saving wipe-down disinfection. Specially-developed ABS plastic moulded components within the reclining surface ensure good mattress ventilation and can be removed manually for impeccable hygienic cleaning and disinfection.

The anodised aluminium side rails and high-quality head/foot boards made from high-pressure laminates facilitate the treatment process. The surfaces are easy to disinfect and remain resistant to acid cleaning agents even in the long term. The reduction of small parts and complex components facilitates easy access to all elements.

The chassis and braking system are fully coated and can be disinfected quickly and simply.

Extension options

Bedside cabinet
"WK I"

Bedside cabinet

grab handle

rolling handle

IV drip

IV drip

Basket for
urine bottle

Bed linen

Patient hand

Hand controller
bracket FLEX



Key Facts

Low position: 30 cm

Working height: 83 cm

Chassis: 150 mm double castors with four-wheel central brake and fixed direction

Safe working load: 250 kg

Reclining surface: 90 x 200 cm

External dimensions: 104 x 220 cm

Basic features: ABS reclining surface with electric and manual CPR function, ISO standard accessory rail on both sides, manually removable head/foot boards, mobilising side rail system, integrated bed extension

Adjustment functions:

Verstellfunktionen Impulse 400


Finish options

We invite you to choose from a series of possible finishes. In addition to standard finishes, other alternatives are possible for an extra charge.

Fields of application

  • Dementia patients in general
  • Fall-prone patients
    (nocturnal agitation, sleep disorders, etc.)
  • Delirium patients, e.g. in case of postoperative delirium
  • Patients with nocturnal orientation problems
  • Vulnerable patients who refuse bed rails
  • Patients with coordination difficulties, e.g. MS or Parkinson's disease


  • 27 cm low position
  • Four-part reclining surface with mattress compensation
  • Automatic comfort seating mechanism for raising to a sitting position
  • Extreme stability in every position
  • Integrated bed extension
  • Maximum safety in combination with the
    KOGNIMAT sensor mattress