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Space-saving homecare bed


Mobile homecare bed

Melanie homecare bed

Our Melanie homecare bed is constructed in such a way that space-saving transport and simple assembly and dismantling are guaranteed. Nonetheless, durability is ensured via the safe working load of 180 kg. Melanie is the only bed in the homecare series to offer reclining surface inclination. The comfort sitting position ensures that the occupant can sit upright comfortably, and it is ideal for watching television, reading or communicating.

Our basic/premium beds in the Ayleen and Impulse series constitute a superior alternative with an additional range of functions.

Product details

Comfort sitting position

Komfort-Sitzposition, auch als TV-Position nutzbar am Malsch Homecare Pflegebett MelanieThe comfort sitting position ensures that the occupant can sit upright comfortably, and it is ideal for watching television, eating or communicating. Spatial orientation is improved, and breathing and circulation are influenced positively.

Reclining surface

The four-part reclining surface offers optimum ergonomics and is equipped with two brackets on the left and right of the head board for the mounting of accessories.

The reclining surface is equipped with wooden slats as standard. A metal lattice or steel frame is available as an alternative.

Extension options

wall deflector

Horizontal and
vertical wall deflector

wall spacer

wall spacer

bed extension

reclining surface extension

Mattress wedge for
integr. bed extension

side rail

Side rail height
extension for
full-length side rails

Side rail padding for
full-length side rail(1)
and split side rails(2)

Bed padding for
split side rails

grab handle

rolling handle

IV drip bracket
for trapeze bars

IV drip stand,
various designs

Urine bottle
and basket

"Halolux E"
bed lamp

"Halolux LED"
bed lamp

Bed tray for
full-length side rails

Rescue blanket

Bed transport trolley
for Impulse/Ayleen

Flexible hand controller bracket

Bed exit system (wireless)

Series Ayleen / Impulse

Integrated bed extension

Mattress wedge
for integrated
bed extension

Floor lightning
with motion sensor

Bed linen holder

CPR-back rest

Battery box


CPR back rest
emergency lowering 

Mattress wedge
for integrated
bed extension

Bed linen holder


Key Facts

Low position: 40 cm

Working height: 80 cm

Chassis: 100 mm castors with single wheel fixing

Safe working load: 180 kg

Reclining surface: 90 x 200 cm

External dimensions: 100 x 206 cm

Adjustment functions:

Verstellfunktionen Melanie

Fields of application

  • Care at home
  • Rental bed for health care suppliers
  • Mobile spare bed


  • Four-part reclining surface
  • Space-saving, transport-friendly conversion possible
  • Comfort sitting position for raising the occupant to an upright position